Components and services for the Steel Industry:

  • High end wear- and corrosionresist Runout table- and Looper rolls.
  • Pinch rolls: upper bi-metallic spincast, lower forged.
  • Wrapper rolls.
  • Bridle rolls, coated.
  • Accumulator rolls, coated.
  • Galvanizing Line products in Ferrite free (avoiding corrossion) castings for submerged Zinc pot parts like Pot-, Stabi-, Correcting rolls. Arms, Bushes.
  • Selective Descaling (nominal R.O.I. one year ! ).
  • Universal joint- / Cardan shafts.
  • Innovative Flexible Couplings for Runout tables, Tunnel furnaces and more…
  • Repair and modifcation of the above components like:
  • (Rolling mill) Roll neck repair by Thermal Spray with Stainless Steel, for more information click here.
  • Chocks:  Bore, side faces, and more. For more information click here.

Other industrial components.